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• The article discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted global air travel, specifically in regards to the cost and demand for flights.
• It explains that prior to the pandemic, air travel was on a steady rise with travelers seeking out cheaper fares.
• The article notes that since the onset of COVID-19, airlines have had to reduce their prices significantly and introduce new safety protocols as part of an effort to attract customers back.

Impact of COVID-19 on Air Travel

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on global air travel. Prior to the outbreak, airlines were enjoying a steady rise in demand from travelers looking for affordable fares and better flight experiences. However, with the spread of the virus and subsequent restrictions imposed by governments around the world, air travel has been drastically reduced.

Decline in Demand

The sudden decrease in demand has forced airlines to reduce their prices significantly in order to attract customers back. This is especially true for long-haul flights which have seen an even more drastic drop in bookings due to fears over contracting the virus while travelling.

Airlines Responding with New Safety Protocols

In response, many airlines are introducing new safety protocols such as social distancing measures on board planes, contactless check-in processes and mandatory face masks for passengers during flight operations. These measures are designed not only to protect passengers but also restore confidence in air travel so that people feel safe enough to fly again.

Flexibility Policies

To further encourage customers back into airports and onto planes, some carriers are offering flexible booking policies such as free rebookings or cancellations if plans change due to health concerns related to COVID-19 or other unexpected events. This allows people who may be hesitant about travelling due to fear of contracting coronavirus or simply uncertainty about future plans greater peace of mind when booking tickets.


Overall, it is clear that since the onset of the pandemic there have been major changes implemented by airlines across the globe in an effort to revive air travel despite challenging circumstances caused by COVID-19. By introducing new safety protocols alongside flexible booking policies they hope that passengers will feel reassured enough about flying again so they can slowly start rebuilding their business operations moving forward