Google talks about blow with Bitcoin

The scripts that mined bitcoin are automatically blocked by Google Chrome.

In the latest Google podcast, three experts from the search giant commented on a type of scam involving Bitcoin. In the topic that talked about injecting scripts into the browser, they said it is not possible to use Google’s infrastructure to mine bitcoin.

The podcast Search Off the Record happens monthly and several experts talk about news from the world’s most popular search engine. The last edition was aired last Thursday (22).

Martin Splitt, Google’s developer, said they had already faced challenges when malicious people injected scripts into several sites to mine bitcoin, but according to him, it is no longer possible to do that.

You can’t mine bitcoins in our infrastructure. I know people have tried and we are aware of that.

That was a problem, that was a challenge. People
they thought „let’s add this malicious script to people’s website“. I mean, it’s an easy money scam, if you infected a lot of websites and injected that malware, why not inject a JavaScript based bitcoin WebGL miner?

The scripts that mine Bitcoin Code are automatically blocked by Google’s browser, Chrome, just like other „scripts“ or extensions considered unsafe, like the popular Flash and Java.

Although malicious bitcoin mining is not very common these days, either by native browser blocking, or by abandoning the scammers – who no longer make a profit by mining Bitcoin – there are another 7,000,000 crypto coins and several scripts that have mined some of these digital coins.

Recently a survey revealed that some of the world’s largest sites were infected with cryptojacking (cryptomime miners). These miners do not infect users‘ computers, but the site itself, which runs the malicious script without the user knowing. This is the script that Google Chrome automatically blocks, according to the recent podcast.